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06:08:24.§ Hello from Whitehorse, Yukon!§ We've been having a great camping holiday (mostly).§ We started off on the 18th camping in Aggassiz with our home group from church and had a great weekend.§ We spent the Saturday at Hicks Lake just taking it easy.§ We left early Sunday morning and drove almost to Chetwynd, where we camped at some forestry site with no services.§ It was a beautiful lake though.§ Then we drove through Chetwynd and camped outside of Fort Nelson in the middle of nowhere.§ There was an electrical storm while we were setting up and so much wind I wasn't sure it would work.§ I enjoyed it, Danielle not so much.§ Kiah was indifferent.§ Driving along the Alaskan Highway is absolutely amazing.§ When we get home I will be able to upload some pictures.§ Then we drove to Watson Lake where we camped at a camp site with pathetic showers.§ It was not close to worth the $2 I paid for it.§ Right now we are staying in a beautiful campsite 20km outside Whitehorse.§ It's a lovely place.§ We've been here for 2 days and are liking it.§ We'll drive§south to Skagway tomorrow and figure out what else we will do later on.

06:08:17.§ Wow so it's been nearly two months since I've update this.§ I'm sorry.§ We've been busy and any downtime I have had I've not wanted to spend on the computer.§ I don't have much time now but I'll give you a little idea of what's been happening.§

We did Camp 3 at Anvil Island in July.§ That was busy prepping but a fantastic week at camp.§ We took Kiah and had so much fun.§ In September I will get some pictures and videos of camp up here.

This past month we've been recovering from camp and planning our big Yukon camping trip.§ This has been the biggest peice of excitement for us as a family.§ It will be our first family vacation.§ We are going for 18 days.§ The first weekend we will spend in Agassiz with our homegroup.§ That will be a fun weekend.

One more peice of excitement has been our bike.§ Danielle and I now own a '95 Kawasaki ZX6R.§ I will get pictures of it up here in September along with everything else.

Kiah has been growing bigger and bigger.§ She no longer looks like a newborn but almost a kid even.§ She's pretty cool.§ We are enjoying almost every minute of her.

06:06:20.§ It takes me a while to update this thing as there always seems to be something else going on.§ Val and Jason are now married!§ Congratulations.§ It's great to see them start their new life together.§ I'm sure they are having a blast in Hawaii.§ The wedding was held at Westminster Bible Chapel, Sunday afternoon followed by a reception at the Westwood Plateau golf course or whatever it's called.§ The place was beautiful and the food was awesome.§ We didn't take many pictures but we will get some later from my uncle.§ The few I have are posted here.

06:06:07.§ Kiah is definitely sleeping through the night now.§ It's fantastic!§ Funny how our world now revolves around Kiah.§ We still do plenty of other things.§ Last night we did music with Luke and Andrew for the Mooney coffee house as we have done a few times now on the first Tuesday of the month.§ That's going well and we are enjoying the opportunity to play music.§ I think I will get a calendar up on this site to show when and where we will be.§ Ya that's a good idea.

06:06:01.§ Danielle and I have been doing quite well since the birth of Kiah Mae.§ Danielle's recovered and Kiah is sleeping through the night (sortof).§ It's going well.

06:05:23.§ Early this morning, Danielle and I welcomed the newest member into our family.§ Kiah Mae Buesink was born at 12:37am on May 23, 2006 weighing in at 6lbs 2oz.§ The labour was "easy" although Danielle may beg to differ.§ Kiah is happy and healthy.§ Click here to see some pictures.§ Lindsey, the midwife who helped Danielle through the labour, was awesome and we greatly appreciated all of it.

06:05:01. Last night we got back from the anvil 365 work weekend which was amazing! There were many projects completed--4 pages of the 5 page list of projects were crossed off. We had over 60 people and actually had quite a bit of fun. There are a few pictures of the work work weekend here.

06:04:27. I've finally put in the oak laminate flooring into the kitchen and the baby's room. Yes, we are finally preparing a place for the kiddo. It's looking quite nice except for the fact that kitchen floor was so poorly built that it is very uneven. We will see whether this laminate can handle the movement. When we finally get everything done, I will post some pictures of the place.

06:04:24. So it's obviously been a month since I've given an update. Well school has been very busy for me but I'm finally done with it. This past weekend Danielle and I went to Cape Lookout on the Oregon Coast. It was fabulous. A great way to finish the school year and a good break from work for Danielle. Grant and Lori are obviously married at this point. The wedding was great and I don't think we have any pictures of it. I'll have to get some from someone.

On another note, my cigars have come in and my humidor from Grant is looking pretty good. For a few cigar shots, click here.

On a sad note, the buesink family cat of 18 years passed on. There will not be a memorial.

06:03:24. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner for Grant and Lori. This morning us guys will have our final fitting for our tux's.

06:03:19. For Grant's stag, we went to TBC in Richmond and did a little gokart racing. It was a blast. I brought my camera but of course forgot to use it. I grabbed a couple pictures of Grant drinking his Muff Diver. He cheated.

Lori was indeed surprised when she discovered she'd walked into a bridal shower in her honour. Click here for some pictures.

We are having a child! In early June, our family will have grown 50%. Click here to see the ultrasound pictures.

Thankyou Patrick for supplying some photos and video clips from our cruise and New Years Eve vacations. That catches us up to date on our photos.

Danielle's brother Grant is getting married to Lori on March 25 of this year and Mark's sister Valerie is getting married to Jason on June 18 of this year. I guess they think we set a good example.

Friday, October 27
Wow, does time go by fast!  So we are a little behind on updating our pictures, but they are coming SOON!  We have lots of Kiah - she is just over 5 months now!
In family news, Danielle's brother Cam is now the official husband of Leslie!  Yipee, welcome to "the fam" Les!  We also want to welcome Sprite to "the fam", she's Marianne's little black kitten - very cute and cuddly.
Mark is at UBC studying Engineering and enjoys riding his Kawasaki Ninja everyday.  Danielle and Kiah love to hang out at home, go shopping once in a while and do housework!
Well, hope you all are having a wonderful fall like we are!!!!  Pictures coming soon!

"And the clouds don't ever change the shape of who I am to You" - Jars of Clay
Saturday, September 16

Northern Vacation!

We had a great 18 days of driving up through Northern BC and into the Yukon.  We will get the pictures up soon!

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